‘It was nice but I made it better’ – Fantana confirms butt enhancement surgery

According to the 24-year-old she is proud of her recent “butt and hip” uplift because she sees nothing wrong with people patronizing plastic surgeries. Fantana adds that she is not the type who will lie to people that her current “butt and hip” is all-natural.

I just fixed it. It was already nice, but I just made it better. There is nothing wrong with it. Some people do it and say they haven’t done anything, which is misleading people. A lot of people follow me, and I wouldn’t lie about it. If you don’t like something about you, go and fix it,” she said.

In a report by adomonline.com. she continued that “it was almost perfect, but sometimes you want to be extra… as a musician, people look at me and I will rather fix it. Now my shape is okay for me and I enhanced it to look curvier. I feel like in America people are okay with it, but in Ghana, they feel shy about it”.

Talking about life after her enhancement she added that more men are approaching her. “Even before I did my [surgery] I did it to feel more confident and not to hide my stomach. A lot of women fix themselves for themselves. I feel like mine is fine… It’s attracting more men. I’ve always attracted people, but it’s attracting 10 times more,” she said.

Fantana who has opened a new Attieke restaurant in Accra also said “I am not married, but I am dating. Because I am not married, men will still come,” when she was asked about her relationship status.

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